A downloadable game for Windows

NewOld is an old-school platformer which you will see
from a first person point of view. You will take under your control a
Hero who desires to discover answers to his questions... or at least
find the exit from this creepy labyrinth.


have appeared in a previously unknown place, the Labyrinth, without any
previous memories whatsoever. Ahead of you lies a massive amount of
traps, monsters and thrilling hallways. Your mission is to find the exit
and discover the secrets of the Labyrinth along the way.


  • Unusual world view (you will be playing in a 2D world from a first person perspective)
  • Unexpected traps and dark hallways of the Labyrinth will tickle your nerves quite a bit.
  • Lots of unique levels that will dare your skills. Levels were created according to the best old-school platformer tradition, except that you will view them in first person.
  • Nostalgia (coins, medkits, traps and all the other old-school elements you miss are present in this game)


newold.rar 29 MB